Cleveland Expert Locksmith Emergency Unlock Service Cleveland, OH


You lock up all the important files in your cabinet and triple-check if it’s locked tight. You slip the key in your pockets – the next day, you’re unable to find your keys. With a client meet-up in the next few hours and all  the necessary files tucked safely in the cabinet, you might think that the only way out is to call a handyman to drill the lock or saw open the cabinet – but that’s not it.  There’s another, lesser known, but quite an effective way out – and that is, calling an emergency unlock service. Realizing how often people end up losing keys or inadvertently end up locking themselves out, Cleveland Expert Locksmith has set up an exclusive unit dedicated to redeeming people from situations like the one we’ve mentioned above.

What can we unlock?

  • Any locked doorCleveland Expert Locksmith Cleveland, OH 216-654-9367
  • Safes
  • File cabinets
  • Cars
  • Car trunk
  • Cupboards
  • Windows
  • Mailboxes
  • Storage containers

Why us?

We don’t break, we unlock

No matter how badly you need to gain access, that doesn’t justify the actions of a few technicians who break open the lock or damage your property. We view it as a ruse to grab more of your money. However, you’ll find us take on a more skilful, intuitive approach to providing emergency unlock service. Our technicians know their way around most locks, and can get them unlocked in no time.

We respond quick:

What constitutes an emergency? An unpredictable situation that needs a swift resolution! We don’t take our own sweet time to respond to your pressing concerns, like most do. In fact, when you ring us up on 216-654-9367 you’ll always be greeted by an amiable representative, who’ll send help within 15-20 minutes.

Fast, hassle-free unlocking

Even if the technician you hire gets there quickly, if he/she takes forever to get your lock unlocked, the time saved in transit is meaningless. With our experts, you’ll be assured of quick emergency unlock service. If it’s a conventional mechanical lock, it won’t take us more than 5 minutes to get it unlocked. A few complex electronic or smart systems, might take a while longer.

24/7 unlocking solutions

Locks don’t choose standard work hours to bail out on you. You might find yourself staring at a locked door well past midnight. For this reason, our emergency unlock service is available 24/7, 365 days of the year in Cleveland, OH area. Also, the charges do not fluctuate based on the time - the same flat rates are charged throughout.